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Five Benefits of Using Corrugated Metal Roofing

Corrugated metal has been a popular choice in commercial and agricultural buildings for many years. Partly due to its unparalleled durability at such a bargain price. In recent years, it’s become a more popular feature in the residential sector, with many homeowners deciding to clad their roofs or outbuildings with corrugated metal.

Corrugated metal roofing is a fantastic option for people living in urban houses. It’s affordable, yet isn’t flimsy, and it can transform the look of your home, giving it a more traditional look. The benefits of using it are many and varied. Here’s five of the best reasons why you should install corrugated metal roofing on your urban home.

1. It’s Quiet and Effectively Eliminates Water Buildup

While some people may be reluctant to install corrugated metal roofing, this couldn’t be further from the truth. There is really no difference between a conventional clay roof and corrugated metal sheets. The only major functional difference is that metal roofing is far superior at keeping water away from your urban home and its foundations.

2. Long Lasting and Durable

Corrugated metal roofing is extremely well made and, in most instances, can last well over a hundred years with only infrequent minor maintenance. This sort of roofing will usually only require a fresh coat of paint once every so often. It can save you a ton of money in the long run, when you consider how much you’d pay having your roof cleaned.

3. Weatherproof

Corrugated metal roofing will survive the most adverse weather conditions. You don’t have to worry about losing clay roof tiles during a particularly rough storm, as your metal roofing is more than capable of staying put. It won’t be damaged by snow, or by bouts of extreme heat – corrugated metal roofs are safe for all seasons.

4. Resilient Yet Lightweight

Our range of corrugated metal roofing is extremely resilient and lightweight, which makes it a great choice for homeowners living in urban areas. It’s possible to fit these without any experience in roofing, as they’re extremely easy to handle and install. The lightweight nature means that they won’t put any additional pressure on your home’s foundations.

5. Won’t Rot or Develop Algae

Our corrugated metal roofing is specially treated and will look as good as the day it was installed for many years to come. The chemical coating we use will stop the formation of algae that makes roofs look worn out and dirty. Many years down the line, when your roof does start to look a bit worse for wear, a simple coat of paint and it will look as good as new.

In short, corrugated metal roofing is a fantastic option for your urban home. It boasts durability and flexibility as you can change its color by simply applying a fresh coat of paint. Corrugated metal is arguably the best value roofing available for your urban home.


Why You Should Choose Corrugated Metal Siding

All manner of urban homeowners are discovering how great corrugated metal siding is around the home. It’s an inexpensive, highly practical means of giving outdoor buildings, such as sheds, an added layer of protection. It’s a simple to install and maintain material for those looking to protect their outbuildings.

When correctly installed this siding will provide protection against the most adverse weather conditions mother nature can throw at it. Wind, rain, and snow will be no match for our top quality corrugated metal siding. Also, it’s simple to make it rust-proof, meaning it will last for many years to come.

Installing Corrugated Metal Siding

It’s relatively simple to install metal siding. Nails or screws can be used to fasten sheets directly to the exterior side of wall studs, which keeps them securely in place. If you don’t fancy them as a permanent fixture, they’re so lightweight that they can be removed and stored for future usage with no fuss at all. However, they’re so effective at protecting your outbuildings, there’s really no need to.

Weather Resistance of Corrugated Metal Siding

Our corrugated metal siding is already weather resistant. You may choose to amplify this effect by painting it with metal paint, in order to further reduce the likelihood of rust forming. When installed correctly, metal siding resits moisture from rain and snow – which is perfect if you keep important things in your outbuildings.

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Corrugated Metal Fencing

Corrugated metal is a strong, lightweight, and rust-proof fencing option that can be utilized in many ways to add a charming modern touch to your yard. Corrugated metal is becoming increasingly popular around the yard as it adds a very modern look when compared to traditional wooden fences. It can also be finished in a variety of styles, and decorated in a myriad of ways that a wooden fence simply couldn’t.

The lifespan of corrugated metal fencing coupled with its ability to be recycled at the end of it’s long life make it the perfect choice for those looking for a sustainable fencing choice. Corrugated metal has been formed into ridges and valleys to give it more rigidity – as such, it makes a sturdy and stable fence that can brave even the harshest of winds.

Corrugated metal is more affordable than most types of wood – which is yet another reason why it makes the perfect fencing material. It’s incredibly low maintenance when compared to wood, as it doesn’t need to re-stained or treated regularly the same way that woods do. It’s important to provide a sturdy base to install your corrugated metal fence on. Deep fences posts are a must, and can ensure that your new fence stays safe long into the future.

Maybe you’ve looked on real estate websites for contemporary homes, and thought to yourself, does it seem like more and more modern homes are using corrugated metal in one way or another?

The answer is yes, and it’s not hard to follow the trajectory of corrugated metal in home design: this material has long been used in barns and farmhouses as a cost-effective way to provide durable walls, roofs, and surfaces. In recent years, the trend of upscale farmhouses has carried corrugated metal into the world of luxury home design. Now, modern homes are using the material more and more because of the luxurious look it creates, not to mention the cost-effective properties it has been renowned for throughout.


Corrugated Metal Installation Ideas

Corrugated metal is available in a variety of gauges and tones, meaning that for interior accent walls, corrugated sheet metal can add texture and contrast to existing rooms while retaining a luxurious, modern look and feel. The same logic applies to the exterior faces of your home. Modern homes rarely use the same siding material throughout the design of the entire home. The use of strategically placed corrugated sheet metal panels can add a new dimension to the structure.

The material can also be used in creative ways to add a luxurious feel in various places throughout your home. Successful installations in the past have included metal along the wainscotting on the outside of a home and metal trim around kitchens.

Corrugated metal roofing is also becoming more popular in homes of all eras, but especially modern builds. Corrugated metal roofing is a low-cost way to add a stylish, upscale look to the roofs on homes with a variety of exterior styles and siding materials.

The Luxury Look that Corrugated Metal Can Create

So, why is corrugated sheet metal able to simultaneously create a rustic look in farmhouse homes, and a luxurious look in modern homes? Because while both designs use the same material, the actual installations are very different.

For example, in both a rustic home and a contemporary home, metal wainscotting can provide a big boost to the look of the structure. In the contemporary home, however, the metal is often bright and clean, often painted a matte tone to match the modern exterior, while on a farmhouse, corrugated metal is often given a worn, sometimes even rusted, look.

Corrugated Metal is Stylish and Affordable

When it comes to adding value to a modern home, no material beats corrugated metal when it comes to cost-effective installation. When you can create a durable, stylish installation with a material as affordable as corrugated sheet metal, you can keep building costs low and add significant value to a home.

The ability of corrugated metal to create a luxurious feel without the cost associated with traditional luxury is one of the key reasons why we’re seeing a meteoric rise in popularity of the material in the real estate and home design industries.

At Creative Building Supply (CBS), we provide a reliable supply of corrugated sheet metal that is a staple in industrial and home metal applications. We are,
therefore, your go-to industry for custom fabricated metal and can make knowledgeable recommendations on what product best suits your needs and preference.
We understand how intensely diverse the usage of corrugated metal has become and has expanded beyond the traditional roofing application. From restaurants,
retail establishments, houses to various commercial buildings, we got some special corrugated metals to fit the exquisite designs that you have in mind.
To help you work through the ins and outs of corrugated metal applications, let us walk through some of the creative applications.

Interior Design


The most common use of corrugated metals in the home is for interior design. Yes, it actually looks good when fitted in certain areas of the house. You can have a stylish shower door with a corrugated metal cut to size to fit the shower room. you can design it as you please to make your house look more flattering. You can stretch your craftsmanship to the:


Here you can wrap the corrugated metal over the radiators and paint them in a dark color that easily absorbs and expels heat. This will come in handy in the cold season where you need a lot of heat in the house.

Room partitioning


Custom fabricated sheet metal makes for a great equipment to temporarily partition portions of a room. You can convert a large room into a playroom or a lounge for your guests. You could use corrugated metal cut to size and hang it from the ceiling running down to the floor then adopt different color schemes for visual appeal.



Corrugated sheet metal is the perfect alternative to wood paneling. Add a feel of the old world experience to the rooms by decorating the corrugated metal with multicolors. The best part about corrugated metal panels is that they take in spray paint quite effortlessly and it dries up in a matter of minutes. Typically, corrugated metal panels go up to 8 feet long and 24 to 40 inches wide. If you are using custom fabricated sheet metal, profiling is everything. A large profile would be of about 2 by 7/8 inches. The first dimension indicates the on center fitting and the second points to the full panel height. A slim profile is in the neighborhood of about 11/4 by ¼ inches meaning that the waves are way smaller and closely knit together in a neat pattern.

A smaller profile has an exotic and edgier look so it’s more suitable for rooms that need a little bit of funk like entertainment rooms. A large profile, on the other hand, is a bit more conventional and is suitable for rooms that need not be exaggerated like lounge rooms where you only need to basically go and rest. At CBS, we have the finest high-quality custom Fabricated Sheet Metal shop that can produce any metal in whatever profile you desire. We have state-of-theart equipment to handle your fabrication needs. Certainly, uniqueness is key and we have a set of unparalleled styles of corrugated metals in the market. Order with us and we will deliver when you want it and wherever you need it.

There are many ways to decorate a bedroom. It can be as challenging as it is exciting.
Most people don’t think of using corrugated sheet metal to enhance the look of a room, but we are hear to tell how amazing and simple to turn a boring sleeping area into a the bedroom of your dreams.

Bed Frame

One of the most important features of the bedroom is the bed frame itself. A great bed frame should look bold but simple, it should blend perfectly with the rest of room’s aesthetic. Corrugated sheet metal is a great way to make achieve that criteria. As you can see from the bed frame pictured, the corrugated sheet metal looks great, especially as an accent to the wooden paneling.


A closet says a lot about you, so it’s important it looks good. While an ordinary closet does the job, taking a more creative approach can change the look of entire room for the better. Corrugated metal is a fantastic way to accent any closet that adds a unique and clean look. This closet displays a warmness with the wood paneling exterior and interior which excellently contrasts the modern look of the corrugated sheet metal door lining.

Window Awning

If you are looking to take your room additions to the next level you can use corrugated sheet metal to improve the functionality of your bedroom. This awning adds a unique and sleek look while adding extra sun cover, with or without window blinds.


Truth About Using Corrugated Metal Panels for Indoor Accent Walls & Ceilings.


There is a stigma around Corrugated Metal Panels. Many believe that sheet metal can only be used for outside construction and design. We are here to tell you that corrugated metal is the ultimate interior design material, allowing the user to furnish their home or office in myriad of different ways. Sheet metal can make a space feel rustic, luxurious, and even homely. Corrugated metal paneling does not rust, does not to be painted or. In this Idea Book we will be discussing the visual aesthetics of corrugated metal wall accents and ceilings.
This is a perfect example of how corrugated metal makes a room pop. This particular interior design is chaotic with the adjacent wall of newspapers yet comfortable with the dark wood flooring and and leather sofa. The metal wall accent balances the two out giving the room a rustic but cozy feel.
This room is great example corrugated metal wall accents in a personal space, a bedroom. The industrial look works great with the window cut out in the corner bringing in natural sunlight with the great addition to an already relaxed and warmly lit room, with the light reflecting off each bend in the paneling diffusing throughout the room. Since it is one piece of corrugated metal paneling, installation is not a wallet breaker and you’ll save costs on periodic maintenance.
A great aspect of corrugated metal ceilings is that you can customize it in many different ways. This owner decided to be extremely creative and display connected small cut metal panels, all laid out in different configurations and styles. This ceiling really enhances the look of the entire room, blending perfectly with the lights and walls.

Let Us Show You How DIY Corrugated Metal Showers Look & Function Wonderfully

We’ve written about really interesting builds you can create with corrugated metal panels, and these custom showers are a great example of function and sleek modern design blending together. Whether you want to create an outdoor shower or enhance the aesthetic of the ones in your home, corrugated metal is easy to work with and integrates seamlessly with any environment. Check out a few of these shower designs and discover new ways to improve your home with rugged corrugated metal panels.


If you have the space around your home, we highly recommend this full shower, all built from corrugated metal panels. This custom is perfect for a home in a warmer climate or located at the beach, or if you just want to show of your metal working skills. It’s completely functional, with the water being supplied the house or you can purchase a easy-to-install shower kit.


This Project blends the traditional bathroom interior with the modern clean design of the corrugated metal panels. The panels laid out in a vertical orientation displays an almost waterfall like effect. This builder also decided to extend the sleek metal styling to the bathroom mirror, enhancing the look of the whole room.


This build takes interior design to the next level by creating an entire shower out the corrugated metal panels with leopard print flooring. The project is functional and looks futuristic to contrast the traditional bathroom environment.

Corrugated metal’s resistance to the elements and it’s maintenance free properties, along with being more durable than canvas, cheaper than wood make it an ideal choice for any build. If you are Interested in building your own corrugated shower? Give the experts at CBS a call and discover how corrugated metal panels can save you money, save you time, and achieve results that are truly unique to your space.

We’ve highlighted corrugated metal’s abilities as but structural and decorative applications. One of the things we love to see is when it’s applied to both purposes. When you’re building or adding to your patio, consider corrugated metal panels as both sturdy, maintenance-free building materials and distinguished visual accents. Need some inspiration? Check out a few of these patio additions and discover how some creative builders have put rugged corrugated panels to use in beautiful ways.

Corrugated Metal Outdoor Kitchen


Corrugated panels make for a gorgeous outdoor kitchen that’s resistant to the heat coming off the grill as well as to the weather beating down. The awning will hold up against sun, ice, rain, and snow, and the backdrop will be easy to clean off when grease and soot make their way onto it. This build features wooden accenting and clean lines that make for a clean, traditional look. More modern color combinations or rustic finishes would completely change the aesthetics while maintaining the same functionality.

Corrugated Metal Patio Bar


This is a larger project than the relatively small outdoor kitchen setup above. This structure also combines wood and corrugated metal to achieve a similar style, and equally practical functionality. If you consider the cost of an equal area of wood, this bar saved hundreds of dollars by utilizing cost-effective corrugated panels, while still maintaining a strength and minimizing maintenance. No need to stain and seal this bar, though it will take a coat of paint if you so choose.

Corrugated Metal Patio Awning


Once again, corrugated metal’s resistance to the elements is put on display here. The material is far more durable than canvas, cheaper than wood, and will keep the patio below bone dry even in the heaviest rains. Once again, the visual element of the material has been leveraged to achieve a unique style that still manages to match the surrounding decor.

Interested in building an add-on to your patio? Give the experts at CBS a call and discover how corrugated metal panels can save you money, save you time, and achieve results that are truly unique to your space.

If you’re looking to bring a unique look to your next renovation project, consider corrugated metal panels as an option for adding either a rustic, or even a modern accent to the design. We’ve talked before about Corrugated Metal for Interior Use and one of the things that stuck out to us as we researched projects was the use of metal panels on mantels and fireplaces.


The painted finish and vertical orientation of this fireplace achieves a sort of half modern, half rustic feel.Try and imagine a different material – traditional stone or brick – and you’d wind up with a totally different space. The corrugated panel blends in with the existing decor while standing out as a wholly unique accent.


This example is a little more bold, but it still fits well in the context of the minimalist, angular design surrounding it. The metal finish pops out against the natural wood and white paint without being loud or overly bold.


This fireplace blends the traditional natural stone look with wood beams and corrugated metal panels for a distinctive result that fits perfectly with the log cabin theme of the surrounding space.

The Benefits of Corrugated Metal

Corrugated metal is more than just a utilitarian material fit only for industrial uses. With the right eye and a creative approach, even the smallest metal accents can bring tremendous character to a room that other materials simply could not replicate. Best of all, the material is cheap, lightweight, and easy to work with.

Interested in using corrugated metal in your next project? Give us a call with some dimensions, the type of application, and a few details, and we’ll provide you with a quote for the best corrugated substrates, gauges, and finishes for your needs.

Corrugated Metal Tiny Houses

The Tiny House movement has been gaining traction in recent years as people from all walks of life look to downsize their footprint and go for a more minimalist approach to life. We’re still not quite sure if a tiny house is right for our lifestyle, but one thing is for sure: building a tiny house looks like a great challenge and a fun project!
Of course, the first time we heard of these new, ultra-compact homes, we knew that corrugated sheet metal would be a perfect material for siding, roofing, decoration, and more. The light weight and high load tolerance means you can build a sturdy, long-lasting structure with minimal supplies, saving room in the budget for amenities like running water and electricity!
Many of the same concepts we discussed in our corrugated metal sheds post apply here but with the added dimension of livability, comfort, and even more efficient use of space.
After some searching, it looks like we’re not the first ones to think of this versatile product in this context. A few sheets can get you pretty far, while a bit of carpentry skill, creative planning for small spaces, and an experienced electrician can turn a basic shelter into a comfy home.


This incredible Tiny House, featured on, features corrugated and metal exterior and is built on a 16’ trailer. The setup features a kitchen, eating nook, and sleeping quarters and call be pulled behind the owner’s truck!


This Tiny House was actually featured on the World Architecture Network, and is part of a project that develops low-cost housing in the aftermath of natural disasters. It’s easy to believe that engineers and architects landed on corrugated metal when they were working on this initiative. The affordable material is incredibly functional, easy to work with, and offers consistent performance with minimal maintenance.

Of all the creative uses for corrugated metal we’ve seen, tiny houses seem to embody the full spectrum of the materials’ advantages.

Fall Custom Project Idea: Corrugated Metal Shed

Forget spring cleaning, the Fall is the best season to get your tools, toys, and gear in order. All the new goodies you’ve acquired during the warmest days of the year now need a home so they can be stored neatly and safely throughout the cold, wet winter. When the days finally start getting longer, you’ll be ready to rock and roll.

With that in mind, we wanted to highlight a few corrugated metal tool shed builds that might inspire you to take on a fun project that can start off super simple and scale up with your level of skill and confidence.


When most people picture a corrugated metal tool shed, they probably picture something like this. It’s simple, functional, and easily assembled. While it may not be the most attractive addition to your property, it will keep your belongings safe and out of view.


But as we know from our previous Idea Book posts, corrugated metal can be more than just utilitarian aesthetics. This garden shed looks amazing tucked away in the back corner of the property. (This one is actually fitted with sound-proofing materials for studio recording.)


This shed/tiny house would make an excellent autumn project. Using a trailer for the foundation, the simple design can be utilized with some creative use of space to provide a home for all your tools and gear.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to get your excess materials organized and protected, while still being able to design an attractive addition to your property, our selection of Corrugated metal has the versatility and durability you’re looking for. Give us a call today and learn more about how we can help you choose the ideal materials for this rewarding project.