Kynar Painted Finish for Corrugated Metal Roofing and Siding

kynar painted corrugated metal panels

Vivid Colors for Your Corrugated Sheet Metal

Kynar painted finishes are available in a variety of vivid colors so you can be sure your job will look good while maintaining strength and resistance to corrosion. Kynar finishes can be applied to steel and aluminum panels, with different color options available for specific gauges of each. Kynar finishes take your project to the next level by allowing you to accent our precision crafted sheet metal with a wide range of colors to best suit the look you’re going for.

Protection Against the Elements with a Kynar Coating

Kynar coating offers substantial protection against the elements. Rigorous test ahve been done against abrasion, impact, salt sprat, and humidity to ensure the brilliant finish you your work stands up to the tests of time. You can learn more about Kynar specifications by viewing their spec sheet.

Our Facilities

Our fully equipped fabrication shop can handle any job. We are able to produce custom formed flashings and accessories of various widths and lengths. Let us know what you need for your next job, and we’ll work with you to create high quality, precision crafted materials. We also keep an extensive stock of pre-fabricated pieces, meaning we can get you what you need on time, every time.

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