Thin Seam Metal Roofing from CBS Sheet Metal

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Dimensions & Details – Thin Seam Panel

Panels: the Thin Seam panel shall have a 1¾” seam height, a maximum seam width of ?”, and a seam spacing of 12″, 14″, 16″, or 18″ wide. Roof panels shall use a two-piece roof clip allowing for thermal movement of the panel system. The standing seam shall have a built in capillary break with the option of a factory applied sealant in the female leg. Concealed one piece roof clip will engage the panel seal allowing for unlimited thermal movement. The standing seam shall snap lock together without the use of or need for an electric seaming device. Roof panels shall be removable for replacement of damaged materials during and after installation is completed. The panel system shall be as a true standing seam shape requiring no trapezoidal foam closures, plugs, or fillers at eaves.