Stand ‘N Seam Metal Roofing

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Standing Seam Metal Roof Panels:

Creative Building Supply provides the most trusted materials for a variety of commercial and residential applications. High strength and ultra-durable metal panels are ideal for roofing projects where exposure to the elements can wear away at traditional asphalt shingles. Our Stand N’ Seam panels feature standing seams, meaning the panels are joined at vertical fasteners which are concealed inside ridges that run from the roof’s ridge to its eaves. This unique configuration is ideal for long-term protection against the elements.

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The minimum roof slope is 1/2:12, which is plenty of pitch for most projects. Sealant is applied in the factory. To learn more about our Stand ‘N Seam metal roofing panels, or about any of our commercial or residential corrugated metal supplies, call (732)-367-6333 or fill our our contact form and our dedicated representatives will provide you with the information you need.