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What's your next big project? Whether you're building a new home or renovating an old barn, you may be surprised that the variety of applications you'll find for our corrugated metal panels. We fabricate sheets for roofing, flooring, and siding as well as corrugated panels for decorative use. Corrugated sheet metal is lightweight, easy to install, and provides and attractive and durable construction solution that's practically maintenance free.

Have you completed a project using corrugated metal panels? Send us some photos and we'll feature it in our idea book! We believe a little inspiration can go a long way, so take a look at our posts below and see how CBS can bring your build to the next level.


The Benefits of Using Corrugated Metal on Urban Houses

Learn about why you should be using corrugated metal on your home. Discover why corrugated metal is a must have if you live in an urban house. Corrugated metal has many benefits when installed on urban houses, find out more about them with the help of our handy guide.

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Ideas to Add Modern Touches to Your Home with Corrugated Metal

Maybe you’ve looked on real estate websites for contemporary homes, and thought to yourself, does it seem like more and more modern homes are using corrugated metal in one way or another? The answer is yes, and it’s not hard to follow the trajectory of corrugated metal in home design: this material has long been… Read the full post…

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Home Applications

At Creative Building Supply (CBS), we provide a reliable supply of corrugated sheet metal that is a staple in industrial and home metal applications. We are, therefore, your go-to industry for custom fabricated metal and can make knowledgeable recommendations on what product best suits your needs and preference. We understand how intensely diverse the usage… Read the full post…

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Corrugated Metal Bed Frame

Bedroom DIY

There are many ways to decorate a bedroom. It can be as challenging as it is exciting. Most people don’t think of using corrugated sheet metal to enhance the look of a room.

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Corrugated Metal Indoor Wall

Corrugated Metal Accent Walls & Ceilings

We are here to tell you that corrugated metal is the ultimate interior design material, allowing the user to furnish their home or office in myriad of different ways

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Corrugated Metal Outside Shower

Corrugated Metal Showers

Corrugated metal brings any shower to life with it's unique modern look and it's ability to blend with any environment, inside and out.

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Corrugated Metal Patio Roof

Corrugated Metal Patio Projects

Corrugated metal's weather resistance and minimal maintenance make it an ideal choice for building additions to your outdoor spaces.

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Corrugated Metal Fireplace Indoors

Corrugated Metal Fireplaces

Corrugated metal brings a distinct touch to any interior project. In this post, we explore how metal panels can be used in mantels and fireplaces.

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Tiny house trailer - corrugated metal

How Corrugated Metal Is Great For Ultra-Compact Home Building

Have you ever considered downsizing to a tiny house? Take a look at how some creative builders have used corrugated metal to do just that.

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Corrugated Metal Garden House / Shed

Corrugated Metal Tool Sheds

Organize your tools, toys, and more in a sturdy, attractive tool shed built with rugged and affordable corrugated sheet metal from us.

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Interior Wall Accent Corrugated Metal

Interior Corrugated Metal Panels

Corrugated metal panels are versatile materials for indoor design. From rustic to modern styles, you can achieve a wide variety of styles.

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Corrugated metal panel fence

DIY Corrugated Metal Fences

Need a new fence for the backyard? Corrugated metal panels are resilient and versatile solutions! Discover the various looks you can achieve and be inspired!

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Yard Planter - Corrugated Metal Design

Corrugated Metal Planter Project

This easy DIY planter utilizes corrugated metal to achieve a distinctive look that will be at home in any back yard. A truly unique project!

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Barn Roof Constructed from Corrugated Metal

Corrugated Metal Barn Build

This barn utilized corrugated metal panels for its roofing and siding. The result is an attractive, maintenance free structure that was easy to install.

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