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If you’re looking to bring a unique look to your next renovation project, consider corrugated metal panels as an option for adding either a rustic, or even a modern accent to the design. We’ve talked before about Corrugated Metal for Interior Use and one of the things that stuck out to us as we researched projects was the use of metal panels on mantels and fireplaces.


The painted finish and vertical orientation of this fireplace achieves a sort of half modern, half rustic feel.Try and imagine a different material – traditional stone or brick – and you’d wind up with a totally different space. The corrugated panel blends in with the existing decor while standing out as a wholly unique accent.


This example is a little more bold, but it still fits well in the context of the minimalist, angular design surrounding it. The metal finish pops out against the natural wood and white paint without being loud or overly bold.


This fireplace blends the traditional natural stone look with wood beams and corrugated metal panels for a distinctive result that fits perfectly with the log cabin theme of the surrounding space.

The Benefits of Corrugated Metal

Corrugated metal is more than just a utilitarian material fit only for industrial uses. With the right eye and a creative approach, even the smallest metal accents can bring tremendous character to a room that other materials simply could not replicate. Best of all, the material is cheap, lightweight, and easy to work with.

Interested in using corrugated metal in your next project? Give us a call with some dimensions, the type of application, and a few details, and we’ll provide you with a quote for the best corrugated substrates, gauges, and finishes for your needs.


  1. Felicity By, January 7, 2017 at 9:22 am:

    I just saw the use of corrugated..let’s say material, because it may have been plastic or metal…? …on a UK show, the house £100,000 built. I was intrigued, because living in a typical, badly designed and built wooden frame North American house, I wish I could build, and am always looking for easy and cheap and long-lasting ideas…and ‘green’, if possible! I love your showers! BUT – grew up with corr. iron roofs…lovely, love the noise of the rain, but a pain to paint!!! I see you have stainless steel, are some plated to reduce maintenance (preferably to zero!) AND, the one thing the UK programme seemed to indicate was that it was possible to self-build even if inexperienced, but I can see the fitting and finishing is what makes this look good! Do you have, or can you point me to how-to books or instructions? And could you give me costs of a standard panel (with dimentions) in say stainless steel, painted, etc, with possible lifespans of the product? What about fitting insulation?

  2. Kelly Richards, July 11, 2023 at 2:09 am:

    May I ask what color the metal is over the rock fireplace?

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