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4 inch corrugated

Popular 4.2 Corrugated Metal Applications

One of the most common applications of our 4.2 corrugated metal is as a replacement for old transite panels. These were common in cooling towers, paper mills, and other various industrial plants throughout the US. Today, as many industrial areas are being re-purposed for commercial and residential uses, builders and developers seek out a replacement that will still provide a rugged look and feel, while avoiding the health issues surrounding transite.

The image above demonstrates transite panels being used in a more residential setting – a less common but still widespread application of the material. The pattern of 4.2 corrugated is identical to these old panels, meaning you achieve the same look and fit.

As the only producer of 4.2 corrugated sheet metal in the United States, we provide custom orders of all sizes for any application necessary. Our unique roll-forming machines are capable of producing huge quantities of the panel, meaning we can cater to any client, from the largest contractors to the at-home do-it-yourself enthusiasts.

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4.2 Corrugated Panels

Creative Building Supply supplied 4.2 Corrugated Metal Panels to El Dorado Chemical in Arkansas as a Transite replacement panel. Creative Building Supply roll formed over 100,000 SF of .050 Mill Finish Aluminum to our customers requested length of 28’6″, giving the building the same appearance as the Transite Panel, which is no longer available. El Dorado Chemical requested the order in two separate shipments about a month apart. CBS was able to roll form, pack, and ship within 3 days of receiving the coils. Our 4.2 Corrugated Roll Former gives us the ability to run any length up to 35’0″, with quick turnaround times, giving our customer the panels they want, when they want it.
Metal Sheets ready to be roll formed into 4.2

Metal Sheets ready to be roll formed into 4.2″ Corrugated Metal Panels for El Dorado Chemical Company in Arkansas.


4.2″ Corrugated Metal Panels being roll formed with our state of the art roll former.

A stack of 4.2 corrugated metal panels cut at a length of 28 ft. 6 inches

4.2″ Corrugated Metal Panels cut at a length of 28 feet 6 inches being transported in the CBS warehouse so they can be wrapped and shipped out to El Dorado Chemical in Arkansas.

Stacks of 4.2 inch corrugated metal

Finished 4.2 inch Corrugated Metal Panels ready to be loaded and shipped out to El Dorado Chemical.

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CBS Sheetmetal Lends Corrugated Panel Expertise to Copper Mine

A Copper Mine in Arizona needed a Corrugated Metal Panel made out of 14GA Cor-Ten. Previously they had trouble finding a manufacturer that could make the Corrugated Panels lay flat. With our press brake and rounded forming dies, CBS was able to produce the Corrugated Panels flat, and to the size specified. For the past 6 years, CBS has produced 1,750 14GA Cor-Ten Corrugated Metal Panels to keep the copper mines operational. We have also provided the customer with 20GA Type 316 Stainless Steel 4.2 Corrugated Panels along with 18GA 2-1/2 x 1/2 Corrugated Panels for upkeep on their surrounding buildings and warehouses.

14 GA Cor-Ten  Panels

14 GA Cor-Ten  Press

14 GA Cor-Ten Fabricated

14 GA Cor-Ten Flats 2

Creative Building Supply specializes in sheet metal fabrication, corrugated metal, precision trim panel profiles and flashings. We supply custom sheet metal in PA (Pennsylvania) and NJ ( New Jersey).

Custom Sheet Metal Supplier in PA and NJ

We offer Residential Metal Roofing

  • Commercial Metal Roofing
  • Architectural Metal Roofing
  • Corrugated Metal Roofing
  • Perforated Metal
  • Formed Metal Panels
  • Corrugated roof Deck


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Wall Systems Experiences Our Lightening-Fast Turnaround

One of our customers, Wall Systems, needed a quick turn around on some 12GA Galvanized Angle and Hat-Section x 10’0″, per drawings they provided us with. The material arrived in our shop on Friday, 6/28/13. We were able to shear and bend the metal to their custom specifications in our metal fabrication shop. We shipped the 8,520 LF of Angle and Hat by Wednesday, 7/03/13. It’s always pleasure being able to provide custom quality products for one of our happy customers.
12 GA Galv Bundles

12 GA Galv Flats

12 GA Galv Hat Section

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