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The markers of modern home design are instantly recognizable: concrete floors and countertops, brushed steel appliances, whites, grays, and blacks throughout, but today we’re going to talk about a new addition to contemporary homes that you may not be expecting: corrugated metal.

This material has been commonly found in rustic farmhouse-style homes for years but its versatility and low cost has made it grow in popularity in other areas. Here, we’re going to discuss some of the most popular applications of corrugated metal that are starting to show up more and more in today’s real estate market.

Modern Exteriors

Corrugated metal is increasingly being used on the faces of modern homes because it offers a unique contrast in texture from some common building materials. The signature waves of corrugated metal panels provide a great accent to concrete, wooden, and smooth metal exterior walls by adding a bit of texture to the exterior of a home. The uses of corrugated metal panels on the exterior of a home are more than just aesthetic, however. This material is also known to be used to create durable, long-lasting siding, making the choice easier for home designers.

While many modern home designers are starting to use the material more and more as an accent, some homes show that corrugated metal can also be attractive and functional as the medium for an entire house.


Corrugated Metal Roofing and Roof Decking


Corrugated metal is being used more and more in residential roofing, especially in the new frontier of modern homes. In the past, corrugated metal roofing has been prone to rust and corrosion to the degree that homeowners wouldn’t dare use it on their homes for fear of having to replace and re-roof quickly. Today, much of the corrugated metal roof panels on the market have been reformulated to be much more resilient against the elements, making them viable options to create a unique, modern-looking roof on your home.

When it comes to roofs, corrugated metal also provides benefit as a structural material. Metals of varying gauges are now being used to support the structure of a roof because they’re more durable than traditional wooden roof decking.

Metal Privacy Fencing

In urban and suburban areas, it’s not uncommon to see privacy fences surrounding modern homes. It’s also becoming less common to see privacy fences constructed out of corrugated metal panels. As homeowners, designers, and builders use corrugated metal more and more in homes, they start to build fences to match. In addition, corrugated metal provides an extremely cost-effective fencing material on any home and can be versatile in appearance as well.

The Bottom Line

Basically, the lesson here is this: if you’re entering the real estate market in search of a contemporary home, don’t be surprised when you see more and more corrugated metal appearing the results as time goes on. This high-quality, cost-effective material is becoming more popular for all the right reasons in the world of home design.

Whether you’re looking for durable exterior cladding product for your new garage; need a long-lasting roofing material that’s simple to install; or want to protect the walls of your retail shop or bar with a low-maintenance, sustainable product, consider corrugated metal.

Here’s everything you need to know about this tough, affordable product, including answers to common questions including what is corrugated metal used for, what custom options are available through our metal fabrication shop, and why corrugated metal is an eco-friendly choice.

What is corrugated metal?

Corrugated metal, also known as corrugated steel or corrugated sheets, is sheet metal that is made by pressing sheets of metal flat then processing the sheets through a series of rolling dies to create perpendicular corrugations (ridges and groves) in the metal.

These corrugations significantly increase the tensile strength of the sheet metal, and since steel is already significantly stronger than wood, corrugated metal tops the charts when it comes to strength-to-weight ratios of building materials.

In addition to the added strength that corrugating gives steel, the corrugated grooves and ridges also work to enhance the weather-resistance of the product, which is why corrugated metal is a popular choice for exterior applications like roofing and siding.

Here at our state-of-the-art metal fabrication shop, we have the capacity to produce custom corrugated metal panels in a wide range of patterns, materials, and finishes.

What makes corrugated metal a great building material?

If it seems like there’s more corrugated metal being used on both interior and exterior applications these days, your right – our metal fabrication shop has seen a steady rise in the popularity of both stock and custom corrugated metal panels. Here’s why:

  1. It’s durable. Corrugated metal stands up to the toughest conditions, including high winds, rain, and heavy snow loads. Because it’s free of organic materials, mold and mildew can’t form on corrugated metal surfaces, and it works great as a pest barrier.
  2. It’s stable. Unlike other sheet stock products that tend to warp, buckle, or dent over time, corrugated metal is highly resistant to denting from hail and thermal expansion, and it’s approximately four times more structurally-stable than comparable vinyl siding products.
  3. It’s easy to work with. Corrugated metal is simple to work with, even if you don’t have much experience with construction. It can be fastened to roofing joists using either nails or screws, and for small projects, all that’s needed to cut corrugated metal is a pair of simple tin snips.
  4. It’s sustainable. Steel is the single most recycled material in North America, which means that the corrugated metal sheets we make here in our metal fabrication shop made from sustainable raw materials and all of our corrugated products can be recycled again.
  5. It’s affordable. Corrugated metal sheet stock continues to be one of the most affordable building materials on the market today.

What are the most common applications for 4.2 rolling?

Here at our metal fabrication shop we have the capacity to produce corrugated metal panels to meet any need.

Many of our customers use corrugated metal sheets fabricated from 4.2 rolling stock for exterior walls and roofs on barns, sheds, and commercial buildings.


Take a look at the rugged, reliable, and extremely precise technology that roll forms sheets of raw materials into corrugated patterns. We’re able to work with a variety of gauges, substrates, and corrugation patterns easily and efficiently with these machines.

Machines like this allow us to roll out panel after panel with spot-on results, keeping prices down and ensuring precise results. Flat panels go in, corrugated panels come out, and we’re able to easily adjust lengths, substrates, and gauges to create the ideal product for a variety of applications.

The Result

14 GA Cor-Ten Panels

The Classic Wavy corrugated metal pattern, ideal for roofing, siding, or decorative applications. A variety of other patterns, including sharp angles can also be achieved using our high-tech equipment.