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Past trends influencing home improvement and home design styles have encompassed everything from eclectic to mid-century modern to shabby-chic. But one of the most enduring home improvement movements driven by our desire to live more simply and frugally is the return to rustic, “farmhouse” designs exemplified by corrugated metal.

Why Use Corrugated Metal for Home Improvement Projects?

Corrugated Metal

Corrugated metal is actually corrugated steel with a significantly stronger tensile rating than wood. It is the corrugations (grooves) in corrugated metal that makes it so much more durable and easier to maintain than wood and other porous materials. Corrugated metal is also highly resistant to high impacts and extreme weight loads. Grooves also enhance the ability of corrugated metal to shed water quickly and easily.

In addition to being one of the most popular roofing and building materials, corrugated metal is now the hottest thing in home improvement and home design projects.

corrugated metal panel

Interior Walls

Corrugated metal sheets make stunning temporary or permanent dividing walls for projects involving conversions of one room into two different rooms. Sheets can be erected from the floor up or cut into squares that can be hung from the ceiling. You can also paint corrugated metal interior walls/dividers to add color and personality to open-air homes or homes with large rooms.

Corrugated Paneling

Since the beginning of the 21st century, home improvement jobs have been happily discovering the advantages to using corrugated metal instead of less versatile wood paneling. As an alternative to wood paneling or just plain drywall, corrugated paneling is a great way to remodel childrens’ rooms. Kids will love helping you redecorate their room with corrugated metal paneling. Let them draw pictures using poster paint, write their names in their favorite color paint or accessorize paneling with stickers. Corrugated metal paneling also makes the perfect background for painted-on water scenes featuring sailboats riding “corrugated” waves.

Home Improvement Project–Basement Storm Shelter

If you rely on a cellar or basement for shelter from tornadoes or other severe weather events, did you know that corrugated metal panels can strengthen walls and reinforce the shelter’s entrance? Placing sheets over earthen or non-cement walls offers excellent protection from dangerously strong winds. The extra sense of security provided by corrugated metal panels fortifying walls will help you and your family feel safer during severe weather.

Backsplash in Kitchens

corrugated backslash

Ceramic tile backsplashes are out and corrugated metal is considered de rigeur when it comes to decorating areas behind kitchen sinks, countertops and appliances. Nothing looks more delightfully rustic and old-world modern than using corrugated metal as a backsplash.

Did we mention how easy it is to maintain and clean corrugated metal?

Clean Corrugated Metal

How to Clean Corrugated Metal

All you need to clean interior corrugated metal panels, walls or backsplash is mild detergent and water. Never use bleach on corrugated metal. It will alter the finished color and leave metal looking dull and damaged.

To remove dirt or other water-soluble materials from corrugated metal, use a mixture of hot water and stronger detergent (again, no bleach!). Gently scrubbing dirt with a rough cloth or soft brush won’t damage metal. Always rinse soap and dirt off corrugated metal thoroughly after you are done cleaning.

To remove oil, tar, adhesives and other non-water soluble dirt, you will need to use solvents or alcohol-based cleaners. When cleaning corrugated metal with organic solvents, remember these solutions are flammable and should be kept away from anything that could ignite them. Since solvents often exude strong odors, make sure there is plenty of ventilation in the area. Solvent fumes could make you nauseous and dizzy.

Types of cleaning agents you can safely use on corrugated metal include:

  • Denatured alcohol
  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • Mineral spirits
  • Kerosene
  • Gum/wood spirits (turpentine)

No matter what kind of dirt you are cleaning off corrugated metal, never use abrasives like Comet, wire brushes, scrapers or other items that could leave scratches, abrade coatings or promote corrosion.

painting corrugated

Painting Corrugated Metal

Some people love the rustic minimalism of unpainted corrugated metal and others prefer adding color to their home improvement project. Painting corrugated metal is easy and paint won’t fade or chip like it does on wood, plaster and other porous materials.

First, mix a gallon of tepid water and a tablespoon of dish detergent in a bucket. Mix well to make a soapy solution. Dip a towel or other cleaning rag into the solution, twist the water out of the rag and start wiping down yuthe metal areas you plan to paint. Rinse off the soap solution and allow the surfaces to dry thoroughly.

Next, lay an old sheet or tarp on the floor near the wall or panel. Paint splatters no matter whether it’s wood, drywall or corrugated metal! Use a paint roller that is somewhat rough and thicker than other rollers. A nap of around 3/4 to one inch works well when you are painting corrugated metal.

Start applying primer to the metal. Move your paint roller back forth using long strokes. You know you have too much primer on your roller if it starts to drip. Once you are done priming, check how long the manufacturer of the primer you’ve bought recommends as a good drying time.

Throw away the primer roller cover and put a new one before painting corrugated metal. Don’t try to clean the old roller. It’s not worth the mess, time and possible mixing of primer and paint. Put a new roller cover on that has the same thickness as the one you just used.

Paint corrugated metal the same way you applied primer. Again, check how long you should let this paint dry. Different manufacturers have different drying times for paint and primer. After the paint is dry, apply another layer of paint.

home improvement using corrugated metal

The Ultimate Home Improvement Project Using Corrugated Metal

Set your home apart from the look-alike homes in your neighborhood by replacing your old roof with corrugated metal roofing. Lightweight, durable and sturdy, corrugated roofing also boasts the best fire-retardant ratings among other roofing materials. With no shingles to worry about replacing, corrugated metal roofing will withstand the most severe wind, hail and snow events. This superior kind of roofing also reflects the sun’s hot rays in summertime, which can help reduce cooling costs by as much as 30 percent.

CBS Sheet Metal provides corrugated metal panels in all sizes for all your home design and home improvement projects. Call us today to learn more about the versatility and quality of corrugated metal.

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