Amp Lok Metal Roofing

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Amp Lok structural standing seam roof system as manufactured by Fabral, 3449 Hempland Road, Lancaster, PA 17601, ph.: 800-477-2741; fax: 800-283-4289.

The Amp Lok panel shall have a coverage of 12″, 14″, 16″, or 18″. Seams shall be 2″ high. Roof panels shall use a two-piece roof clip allowing for thermal movement of the panel system. The panel shall have a factory-applied mastic and be mechanically seamed with a field operated electric seaming machine provided by the manufacturer. The panel system shall be as a true standing seam shape requiring no trapezoidal foam closures, plugs, or fillers at eaves. Panels have 1″ shadow lines as a standard.