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When walking or driving towards your home, your house roof will be the first thing you or your visitor spots from a distance. The design, style, and appearance will tell how much you value your roof. It’s important to note that your roof is as vital as any other part of the house. Sometimes homeowners or property owners may overlook its importance and incur a lot of repair and maintenance costs.

How strong and durable is your roof? That’s a question most homeowners may fail to answer. The strength and durability of your house roof depend on the quality of materials and design used while building the house; the better the quality, the higher the durability rate.

In the modern world, corrugated metal and wood designs have been trending with unique designs, giving a brilliant, unique, and rustic style. The two designs have been the most sought-after panels for exterior and interior projects. With more options in shape, color, and size, most homeowners have loved the designs to a point where new houses and renovations are going for the corrugated metal designs.

Are you wondering how you can incorporate metal and wood designs in your house? Well, there are many ways and trends to use, whether you’re remodeling your space or creating a new design. If you desire to get a modern rustic look with corrugated metal and wood designs, here are a few tips:

Corrugated Metal Ceiling and Wood Designs

Apparently, most homeowners are used to wooden ceilings in their homes. The wooden ceiling indeed looks nice, but can you imagine the wooden and corrugated metal ceiling mixture? If you don’t, the mixture gives you a perfect touch for an office or an outdoor patio with bright windows. The metal ceiling can be of different sizes and colors to give that beautiful look and view.

In addition, the corrugated metal ceiling not only adds a subtle elegance but is also durable, thus saving repair and maintenance costs. This corrugated metal and wooden ceiling create a unique ambiance and a unique visual interest in any room.

Corrugated Metal and Wooden Kitchen Islands & Bars

Do you want a makeover of your kitchen island and bar to make it more classic? If yes, the two mixtures will satisfy your desire to upgrade the kitchen by using corrugated metal and wood. By wrapping your bar or island in corrugated metal and wood design, I bet you will love the makeover. The metal is made of different colors, sizes, and designs to match your demand for a unique look or style. If you desire a more modern and unique style, galvanized metal and fine wood finishing may be a perfect choice.

Add a Unique Style to Your Fireplace

A fireplace is as essential as any other part of the house. It’s where you will have a perfect conversation with your family or visitors, especially during the winter season. But how can you make it unique and stylish? If you don’t, combining a smooth line of corrugated metal with a natural texture of the wood makes it more beautiful any time.

Corrugated Metal Roofing

This is one of the trending roofing designs. Most homeowners who want a total roof makeover are considering metal roofing. These corrugated metal roofing materials are made of different designs to give your home an eye-catching look.

Corrugated metal roofing has various benefits than shingles, tiles, and other types of roofing materials. Unlike other roofs, these metal corrugated metal roofs do not need periodic maintenance, making them more cost-effective. In addition, corrugated metal roofing gives you a long lifespan of about 30-45 years with minimal maintenance. They come in various gauges, shapes, finishes, corrosion resistance and will withstand pelting of the elements, including harsh wind, hail, or rain.

Corrugated metal roofing comes in different styles, and it all depends on your taste and preference, from steel and aluminum to standard corrugated metal beams and panels. When considering these metal roofing materials, it’s advisable to get them from reliable experts to get the best quality.

Custom-made Corrugated Metal Roofing Materials

Each house or building has its unique design and requires some specific custom-made roofing materials. If you have been looking for custom-built corrugated metal roofing materials with any specifications, Creative Building Supply is an expert in metal fabrications and meets your desired taste. They will fabricate everything and custom it to match your demands.

Creative Building Supply custom shop has quality cutting equipment that helps deliver the exact specifications you need. From galvanized and Kynar painted panels to stainless steel finishes.

Corrugated Metal Finishes

Creative Building Supply has a variety of sheet metal products that have several different finishes. Each finish offers specific features to meet each customer’s specifications. Here is a list of sheet metal finishes:

  • Galvalume. It gives the best zinc and aluminum protection for long-lasting corrosion resistance.
  • A galvanized metal finish. Coating the metal protects against elements creating an impenetrable barrier.
  • Stainless Steel finish
  • Kynar Painted Finish

Corrugated Metal Sidings

Corrugated metal siding is becoming increasingly popular, especially for commercial and residential buildings, due to its strength and durability. These corrugated metal sidings are made with different designs and colors, giving an attractive style.

Creative Building Supply produces these metal sidings offering the best quality in finishes, sizes, colors, gauges, and substrates. They can customize any design you need. In addition, due to its easy installation process, corrugated steel siding panels have become popular and economical.

Residential and Commercial Metal Roofing Supply

Creative Building Supply has the latest equipment that fabricates corrugated floor decks made of corrugated sheet metal. The equipment can handle your custom-made fabrication needs, whether residential or commercial. Corrugated sheet metals are rust proof (galvanized), making them the best choice for any application offering a durable service.

What Next?

If you’ve got a job that will require corrugated metal roofing, call us today. We’ll run through the materials you’ll need and the best way to bring them to you. We are located in New Jersey so if you are a close neighbor in New York City, or Pennsylvania you can pick up, if not we ship worldwide at great rates!

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