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corrugated industrial panels

Industrial sites require a wide variety of corrugated metal products. From siding, to floor decking, to exterior panels for shielding and hiding sensitive parts, corrugated metal can make up a huge percentage of the material in a factory, refinery, or power plant. Our fabrication shop works closely with a variety of clients looking for these exact industrial applications, including louver blades.

These panels are constructed with the same precision and attention to detail as all of our custom-fabricated product. This ensures your order will be ready to install on the job site immediately upon delivery.

Aluminum Louver Blades

Aluminum is an ideal material because of its durability, light weight, and low cost. We work with several sizes of aluminum panels in order to accommodate both large and small applications. These panels provide adequate air flow while blocking out debris and water. These industrial panels can also be utilized for aesthetic purposes.

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Corrugated Industrial Panels

Industrial Corrugated Metal Fabrication

It’s no secret that corrugated metal is a favorite material among industrial developers and builders. And while creative projects pop up all the time utilizing this versatile material for home renovations and residential applications, the vast majority of our clientele are using this product for heavy duty industrial use.

Working with large scale industrial clients means we’ve gotten very good at a few things. For one – we build our corrugated metal panels to exacting specifications. Panels put to use in factories and power plants often have minimal tolerances for error, so we create every panel using top-pf-the-line equipment to achieve maximum accuracy and consistency. Industrial clients also tend to put in extra-large orders. This means we’re capable of putting out massive quantities of custom fabricated sheet metal with minimal lead times, so we can get our product built, sipped, and delivered on time, every time.

Cooling Tower Cladding and Louver Blades

A popular application of our unique 4.2 inch corrugated panel is for Cooling tower cladding, which can be fabricated in lengths of 6 to 30 feet. Available in a variety of gauges and in galvanized aluminum and stainless steel, this product is the standard for a variety of heavy duty applications.

Corrugated Industrial Panels2

We also fabricate various sizes of louver blades often at a fraction of the cost of other suppliers. Blades come in 10.5 inch and 21 inch sizes.

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4 inch corrugated

Popular 4.2 Corrugated Metal Applications

One of the most common applications of our 4.2 corrugated metal is as a replacement for old transite panels. These were common in cooling towers, paper mills, and other various industrial plants throughout the US. Today, as many industrial areas are being re-purposed for commercial and residential uses, builders and developers seek out a replacement that will still provide a rugged look and feel, while avoiding the health issues surrounding transite.

The image above demonstrates transite panels being used in a more residential setting – a less common but still widespread application of the material. The pattern of 4.2 corrugated is identical to these old panels, meaning you achieve the same look and fit.

As the only producer of 4.2 corrugated sheet metal in the United States, we provide custom orders of all sizes for any application necessary. Our unique roll-forming machines are capable of producing huge quantities of the panel, meaning we can cater to any client, from the largest contractors to the at-home do-it-yourself enthusiasts.

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Corrugated Barn Roof

If you’ve ever earned your living on a farm, you know the meaning of a hard day’s work. Whether you were raising horses, harvesting crops, tending to livestock, or pitching in anywhere you were needed, you probably had to deal with early mornings, long days, and tough labor – all needing to be done in rain or shine, on holidays, weekends, and anything else the calendar could throw your way.

That need for rugged work applies to more than just the individuals chipping in. Equipment and materials also need to stand up to the roughest weather, massive strains, and all-day every day support. That’s why corrugated metal is such a popular choice for agricultural structures all across the world.

Not only can corrugated metal panels hold up against wind and sun and rain and ice, but they can hold up against the tests of time, meaning minimal maintenance year in and year out – that’s one less chore on an already rugged workload.

Compared to wood, fiberglass, and other common building materials, corrugated metal also delivers tremendous value considering how long it remains fully functional. The cost savings of building a corrugated steel or aluminum barn are tremendous.

Metal Finishes for Agricultural Structures

The finish you choose to build with can have a huge impact on the functionality and lifespan of your structures. Galvalume is a tremendously popular option as its aluminum and zinc coating provides long-lasting protection against corrosion, even in high-ammonia environments like those housing livestock waste.

At Creative Building Supply, we custom manufacture a number of high quality options for metal siding, roofing, and floor decking. From classic wavy patterns, to easy-to-install Stand N Seam patterns, our experts can build custom orders for any sized project with minimal lead times and at factory-direct prices.

Corrugated metal is quickly becoming the standard material for a wide variety of agrigultural needs, from the smallest operations all the way up to the most industrialized sites, farmers, ranchers, and growers everywhere are discovering the durability, longevity, and cost-effectiveness of these materials.

If you’re interested in building with corrugated metal, call our experts today to discuss your options and learn about pricing, delivery methods, and more.

corrugated metal floor decking

The Benefits of Corrugated Floor Decking

Corrugated metal is a lightweight building material that provides remarkable rigidity given its slim profile. That strength makes it an ideal addition to concrete floors in need of extra reinforcement. The addition of steel floor decking means you need less concrete, and less volume associated with that concrete to achieve an ultra-strong flooring foundation. At CBS, we stock and fabricate a wide range of corrugated metal panels designed specifically for reinforcing concrete floors.

Metal Floor Decking Options?


Corrugated floor decking differs from other types corrugated metal in that its ridges are flattened at the top and bottom of their crests and valleys. The squared off style provides a more efficient surface for concrete to adhere to.

We offer a wide variety of floor decking options, ranging from 1.5 inch to 3 inch corrugations. Deeper corrugations will allow for deeper poors and thicker slabs for increased strength. Depending on the demands of your project, you’ll require deeper or shallower slabs. Our floor decking also comes in a variety of substrates including steel and aluminum.

We stock popular sizes of floor decking and we can also custom roll-form panels for your specific needs to cover the precise area you need. You can see our various types of corrugated floor decking here.

How Can I Order?

Fill out our contact form or give us a call today to get started with your order. Whether you’re looking for one or two panels for a small project or need corrugated metal floor decking for an entire construction site, we’ve got the equipment and know-how to produce your building supplies with minimal lead times.


Aluminum vs. Steel Roofing

In our previous post, we covered the benefits and drawbacks of a standing seam metal roof. If you’ve read through that handy guide and are convinced you’d like to move forward with a metal roof for your next project, you’re still going to have a few more decisions to make. Among those decisions will be what material you’ll opt for – Aluminum or Steel? Both have their own advantages and in the end, it really comes down to the specific needs of your final structure.

Aluminum Roofing

Aluminum is a cheaper and lighter material. It stands up very well to corrosion, making it ideal for coastal structures that take the brunt of salty sea breezes and storms. However, an aluminum roof will not hold up as well against impacts from tree branches and other debris that may come in contact with your roof. Essentially, you have to evaluate how much of a beating your roof will take. Denting from falling branches could lead to leaking and may have a serious impact on how the roof looks.

If your home is clear from the threat of falling debris, aluminum is a wonderful option. Its lighter weight will make it easier to install and the reduced cost will make it easier on your wallet.

Steel Roofing

Properly finished steel roofing will hold up well against any punishment you throw at it. It’s harder and heavier characteristics mean it can take a bigger beating from branches and debris. However, to keep it protected against exposure to the elements, you’ll need a finish like Galvalume which is effective but comes with a price tag. In the end, the price of a steel roof pays for itself after the first storm that brings significant impact to the structure. If your project is in a vulnerable area, steel is definitely a smart choice.

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What is Standing Seam Metal Roofing?

If you’ve been paying attention to recent construction trends, chances are you’ve come across Standing Seam metal roofing. This ultra-tough roofing option provides a number of benefits over traditional asphalt roofing materials. While it’s more expensive up front, the long-term durability helps offset the expense.

Standing Seam panels are laid flat along the roof, but the seams where panels meet are concealed in vertical ridges along each end of the panel. These raised ridges run from the roof’s ridge down to the eaves, and can vary in height based on which type of panel you choose.


1. Lasts longer

Traditional shingle roofing will wear out as time and elements take their toll. After a long enough period of time, the roof will stop providing valuable protection against rain, moisture and mildew. By utilizing a metal roof, you’ll be protected against these elements without having to worry about a loss of effectiveness.

2. Unique Look

Once just an option for commercial or industrial applications, seamless metal roofs have made their way into more and more light commercial and residential projects. The sleek lines and variety of colors available add a rustic yet modern feel.

3. Fewer Seams

Every seam represents an opportunity for water, ice, or other damaging elements to penetrate the roof’s protection. By reducing the number of seams, and orienting them along the “standing” axis, these weaknesses are toned down, offering superior protection, even after years of exposure.



People are often turned off by the upfront costs of a seamless metal roof. It’s definitely not the ideal material for every job. Take into account the needs of your project, the look you’re aiming for, and the long-term maintenance costs associated with other roofing materials. These factors will help you decide if standing seam is for you.

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Differences Between Galvalume and Galvanized metal finish

  1. Galvanized panels are those in which the substrates are coated with zinc. Galvalume substrates are coated with an alloy of zinc and aluminum.
  2. Galvalume performs better in harsher environments and offers better heat reflectivity properties.
  3. Galvanized products may take longer to show rust but has inferior corrosion protection properties once rust begins. Galvalume on the other hand may rust earlier than galvanized products but has a much superior corrosion protection in the long term.