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Corrugated Industrial Panels

Industrial Corrugated Metal Fabrication

It’s no secret that corrugated metal is a favorite material among industrial developers and builders. And while creative projects pop up all the time utilizing this versatile material for home renovations and residential applications, the vast majority of our clientele are using this product for heavy duty industrial use.

Working with large scale industrial clients means we’ve gotten very good at a few things. For one – we build our corrugated metal panels to exacting specifications. Panels put to use in factories and power plants often have minimal tolerances for error, so we create every panel using top-pf-the-line equipment to achieve maximum accuracy and consistency. Industrial clients also tend to put in extra-large orders. This means we’re capable of putting out massive quantities of custom fabricated sheet metal with minimal lead times, so we can get our product built, sipped, and delivered on time, every time.

Cooling Tower Cladding and Louver Blades

A popular application of our unique 4.2 inch corrugated panel is for Cooling tower cladding, which can be fabricated in lengths of 6 to 30 feet. Available in a variety of gauges and in galvanized aluminum and stainless steel, this product is the standard for a variety of heavy duty applications.

Corrugated Industrial Panels2

We also fabricate various sizes of louver blades often at a fraction of the cost of other suppliers. Blades come in 10.5 inch and 21 inch sizes.

Call Today for Pricing

When you buy throug us, you’re getting factory direct service and factory direct prices. Fewer middlemen means faster delivery, a more direct communication with builders, and the best prices anywhere. For the latest prices on our various products, call us today at 732.367.6333. Our representatives will be able to get your order started in no time.

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