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Aluminum vs. Steel Roofing

In our previous post, we covered the benefits and drawbacks of a standing seam metal roof. If you’ve read through that handy guide and are convinced you’d like to move forward with a metal roof for your next project, you’re still going to have a few more decisions to make. Among those decisions will be what material you’ll opt for – Aluminum or Steel? Both have their own advantages and in the end, it really comes down to the specific needs of your final structure.

Aluminum Roofing

Aluminum is a cheaper and lighter material. It stands up very well to corrosion, making it ideal for coastal structures that take the brunt of salty sea breezes and storms. However, an aluminum roof will not hold up as well against impacts from tree branches and other debris that may come in contact with your roof. Essentially, you have to evaluate how much of a beating your roof will take. Denting from falling branches could lead to leaking and may have a serious impact on how the roof looks.

If your home is clear from the threat of falling debris, aluminum is a wonderful option. Its lighter weight will make it easier to install and the reduced cost will make it easier on your wallet.

Steel Roofing

Properly finished steel roofing will hold up well against any punishment you throw at it. It’s harder and heavier characteristics mean it can take a bigger beating from branches and debris. However, to keep it protected against exposure to the elements, you’ll need a finish like Galvalume which is effective but comes with a price tag. In the end, the price of a steel roof pays for itself after the first storm that brings significant impact to the structure. If your project is in a vulnerable area, steel is definitely a smart choice.

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    Hi we are interested in speaking to someone about re roofing our church

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