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Truth About Using Corrugated Metal Panels for Indoor Accent Walls & Ceilings.


There is a stigma around Corrugated Metal Panels. Many believe that sheet metal can only be used for outside construction and design. We are here to tell you that corrugated metal is the ultimate interior design material, allowing the user to furnish their home or office in myriad of different ways. Sheet metal can make a space feel rustic, luxurious, and even homely. Corrugated metal paneling does not rust, does not to be painted or. In this Idea Book we will be discussing the visual aesthetics of corrugated metal wall accents and ceilings.
This is a perfect example of how corrugated metal makes a room pop. This particular interior design is chaotic with the adjacent wall of newspapers yet comfortable with the dark wood flooring and and leather sofa. The metal wall accent balances the two out giving the room a rustic but cozy feel.
This room is great example corrugated metal wall accents in a personal space, a bedroom. The industrial look works great with the window cut out in the corner bringing in natural sunlight with the great addition to an already relaxed and warmly lit room, with the light reflecting off each bend in the paneling diffusing throughout the room. Since it is one piece of corrugated metal paneling, installation is not a wallet breaker and you’ll save costs on periodic maintenance.
A great aspect of corrugated metal ceilings is that you can customize it in many different ways. This owner decided to be extremely creative and display connected small cut metal panels, all laid out in different configurations and styles. This ceiling really enhances the look of the entire room, blending perfectly with the lights and walls.


  1. Catherine L Ventling, August 9, 2018 at 4:37 am:

    We are installing an accent wall that has a door. We are trying to decide how to trim the door. We want to use metal trim not wood. If you have suggestions it would be great! Thanks!

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