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Maybe you’ve looked on real estate websites for contemporary homes, and thought to yourself, does it seem like more and more modern homes are using corrugated metal in one way or another?

The answer is yes, and it’s not hard to follow the trajectory of corrugated metal in home design: this material has long been used in barns and farmhouses as a cost-effective way to provide durable walls, roofs, and surfaces. In recent years, the trend of upscale farmhouses has carried corrugated metal into the world of luxury home design. Now, modern homes are using the material more and more because of the luxurious look it creates, not to mention the cost-effective properties it has been renowned for throughout.


Corrugated Metal Installation Ideas

Corrugated metal is available in a variety of gauges and tones, meaning that for interior accent walls, corrugated sheet metal can add texture and contrast to existing rooms while retaining a luxurious, modern look and feel. The same logic applies to the exterior faces of your home. Modern homes rarely use the same siding material throughout the design of the entire home. The use of strategically placed corrugated sheet metal panels can add a new dimension to the structure.

The material can also be used in creative ways to add a luxurious feel in various places throughout your home. Successful installations in the past have included metal along the wainscotting on the outside of a home and metal trim around kitchens.

Corrugated metal roofing is also becoming more popular in homes of all eras, but especially modern builds. Corrugated metal roofing is a low-cost way to add a stylish, upscale look to the roofs on homes with a variety of exterior styles and siding materials.

The Luxury Look that Corrugated Metal Can Create

So, why is corrugated sheet metal able to simultaneously create a rustic look in farmhouse homes, and a luxurious look in modern homes? Because while both designs use the same material, the actual installations are very different.

For example, in both a rustic home and a contemporary home, metal wainscotting can provide a big boost to the look of the structure. In the contemporary home, however, the metal is often bright and clean, often painted a matte tone to match the modern exterior, while on a farmhouse, corrugated metal is often given a worn, sometimes even rusted, look.

Corrugated Metal is Stylish and Affordable

When it comes to adding value to a modern home, no material beats corrugated metal when it comes to cost-effective installation. When you can create a durable, stylish installation with a material as affordable as corrugated sheet metal, you can keep building costs low and add significant value to a home.

The ability of corrugated metal to create a luxurious feel without the cost associated with traditional luxury is one of the key reasons why we’re seeing a meteoric rise in popularity of the material in the real estate and home design industries.


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