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Corrugated Metal Tiny Houses

The Tiny House movement has been gaining traction in recent years as people from all walks of life look to downsize their footprint and go for a more minimalist approach to life. We’re still not quite sure if a tiny house is right for our lifestyle, but one thing is for sure: building a tiny house looks like a great challenge and a fun project!
Of course, the first time we heard of these new, ultra-compact homes, we knew that corrugated sheet metal would be a perfect material for siding, roofing, decoration, and more. The light weight and high load tolerance means you can build a sturdy, long-lasting structure with minimal supplies, saving room in the budget for amenities like running water and electricity!
Many of the same concepts we discussed in our corrugated metal sheds post apply here but with the added dimension of livability, comfort, and even more efficient use of space.
After some searching, it looks like we’re not the first ones to think of this versatile product in this context. A few sheets can get you pretty far, while a bit of carpentry skill, creative planning for small spaces, and an experienced electrician can turn a basic shelter into a comfy home.


This incredible Tiny House, featured on, features corrugated and metal exterior and is built on a 16’ trailer. The setup features a kitchen, eating nook, and sleeping quarters and call be pulled behind the owner’s truck!


This Tiny House was actually featured on the World Architecture Network, and is part of a project that develops low-cost housing in the aftermath of natural disasters. It’s easy to believe that engineers and architects landed on corrugated metal when they were working on this initiative. The affordable material is incredibly functional, easy to work with, and offers consistent performance with minimal maintenance.

Of all the creative uses for corrugated metal we’ve seen, tiny houses seem to embody the full spectrum of the materials’ advantages.

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