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Read ideas and project plans involving corrugated metal panels to inspire your next build.

Rustic Currugated Metal Interior Design

We’ve covered a few creative ideas for outdoor corrugated metal projects. Its weather-resistant and ultra-sturdy properties make it ideal for roofs, fencers, planers, and more. But corrugated metal can be a unique addition to interior designs as well. The lightweight and relatively low cost of corrugated metal panels means you can build an accent wall, backsplash, or cabinet set to achieve a distinct look without sacrificing function or cost.

One of the remarkable things about interior corrugated metal is just how versatile it can be. We’ve seen our materials used in everything from rustic farmhouses, to modern urban homes, to warm and spacious interiors that utilize the symmetry of the material to complement a larger design.

Corrugated Metal Bathroom Design

Corrugated Metal Varieties

The variety of corrugated metal products we manufacture gives you plenty of room to get things just right. Choose from a variety of corrugation patterns, finishes, and beautiful color options. With all of these amazing choices at your disposal, you’re sure to find the perfect way to incorporate a unique corrugated metal accent into your interior space.

If you’re considering a project like this, give the experts at CBS Sheetmetal a call. We can walk you through your options and give you a reasonable quote for your needs. We ship our products all over the United States.

Modern Corrugated Metal Interior Design

Corrugated metal panel fence

Corrugated metal may not be the first thing that pops into your mind when thinking about an attractive accent for the yard. But as our post highlighting corrugated metal planters showed, corrugated panels can be used for more than just industrial utility. A quick run through the interwebs shows that builders all over the country have gotten creative with corrugated metal by employing it in their fences.

There are countless ways to build corrugated metal fences. Natural wood tones complement the metallic tones and, of course, you can always have your panels coated with vibrant painted finishes for a more colorful look.The panels are only painted on one side, unless a large bulk order is placed. See available colors here.

Stainless steel panels will resist rust and wear, while unfinished metal will form a patina as the seasons move on, adding its own unique character.

Corrugated Fence With Patina

Benefits of Corrugated Metal

Corrugated fences bring all of the benefits of metal roofing and siding to a new application. Unlike wood, these materials don’t need to be stained and treated periodically, meaning you’ve got a totally maintenance-free fence that will remain attractive and functional year after year.

Depending on your or your client’s tastes, the fence could be built with a modern flair or in a more country style. Combine the metal with wood and other materials to bring out the most character in your finished product. Buying in bulk is always suggested as it leaves room for errors to be made. What if there are left overs? Use them to add matching touches throughout your home! A few examples are build a shed, bedroom, interior accents or a custom planter.

Modern Corrugated Metal Fence
A beautiful and simple corrugated metal fence

Corrugated metal is lightweight and far less expensive than many types of wood. Remember to sink your fence posts to around 18 inches deep, and always make sure it’s safe to dig before beginning.

Homeowners can find a ton of inspiration for custom corrugated fence posts on Pinterest, and see just how versatile these building materials are.

Things to know before placing an order: 

  1. The panels are only painted on one side, unless a large bulk order is placed.
  2. There is a minimum order requirement.
  3. Only the metal panels are supplied (posts and/or fence kits are NOT provided).

When you’re ready to order, or if you have more questions about what types of corrugated metal would work best for your needs, give our expert representatives a call at 732-276-1021 and get the ordering process started! We take pride in providing prompt delivery, precision-made produces, and friendly service.

Corrugated Metal Panel Planter

The unique look and feel of corrugated metal can be adopted for a wide variety of applications. Not only is it an excellent utilitarian material, but it can also provide a distinctive aesthetic for small-scale projects in the garden and around the house.

We found this planter build over at This Abandoned House, and thought we’d share. This project is a perfect way to put leftover scraps to use, or you could call us and stock up on fresh materials from our shop.

A Quick Project for The Spring

A project like this is ideal for early spring when it’s too early to start planting but too nice to ignore back yard improvements. We especially like how the industrial feel of the materials is brightened up with a simple stain and some creative construction.

You can find the full build details here, or do a few online searches and see the variety of approaches other do-it-yourselfers have taken. No matter what style you prefer, our extensive collection of corrugated metal panels will provide the highest quality materials available and by cutting out the middleman and buying straight from the manufacturer, you’ll save money too.

Have you built anything like this before? Let us know in the comments below or send in some photos so we can share!

Corrugated Barn Roof

We recently received this photo of some of our products being used in a rugged and practical application. This traditional barn structure implements both metal roofing and siding, showing off the versatility of our corrugated panels. The traditional corrugation pattern on the roof combined with the rugged galvanized finish will provide protection against rain, snow, sun, and wind, while the standing seam siding provides similar protection with an attractive red finish.

Maintenance-Free Corrugated Metal Roofing

If you’ve ever spent time rolling tar on a hot roof, you’ll appreciate just how much effort is saved with a long-lasting corrugated metal roof. Initial installation is made easy with the low weight materials, and the simple process of securing panels to the existing roofing structure. Following the install, long-term maintenance is minimal – just keep an eye on the seams to ensure they’re maintaining a water-tight seal, and inspect the edges for rust or corrosion.

The siding is equally minimal in maintenance and installation requirements. The pre-existing seems line up for a guaranteed seal, just secure them together and to the structure

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