Metal Coils and Flats for Sheet Metal Fabrication

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High Quality Steel and Aluminum Coils

Our metal coils are ready for heavy-duty applications. A variety of substrates and finishes makes them ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. High quality steel and aluminum can be used for floor decking, siding, roofing, decorative applications, and more. With our top of the line fabrication shop, we turn these coils into precision-built materials for contractors, builders, and do-it-yourself-ers all over the United States.

Precision Roll Forming

Our experts can form metal flats and coils into a variety of corrugated patterns. Corrugation adds structural integrity, and is the ideal style of roofing and siding for a variety of applications. We roll our coils into pre-set sizes and patterns as well as custom measurements that fit your project to its exact specifications.

Gauges and Substrates

Different gauges and substrates offer benefits for different applications. Galvanized and Galvalume finishes provide excellent protection against the elements, while Kynar painted finishes offer great looking colors for any project. Our various substrates can be finished with different treatments. We’ve highlighted our most popular choices below.

24Ga 48″ Wide Painted Galvalume Substrate

  • Available In:
  • Dark Brown
  • regal white
  • Sandstone
  • Surrey Beige
  • Medium Bronze
  • Slate Blue
  • Patina Green

G-90 Galvanized 48″ wide

  • Available In:
  • 18GA
  • 20GA
  • 22GA
  • 24GA

Aluminum Mill Finish & Painted 48′ Wide

  • Available In:
  • 0.032 Smooth Mill Finish
  • 0.040 Stucco Embossed Mill Finish
  • 0.040 Smooth Mill Finish
  • 0.040 Stucco Embossed Mill Finish
  • 0.040 Dark Bronze
  • 0.050 Smooth Mill Finish

24GA 48″ Wide Galvalume- Unpainted

24GA type 304 2B Stainless Steel 48″ Wide

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