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Whether you require a solid privacy fence to secure an industrial space, need a durable fence design for a new housing development, or want a cost-effective alternative to plant-based agricultural windbreaks, a corrugated metal fence simply makes good sense.

Made with tough, weather-resistant galvanized steel that is available in a wide range of thicknesses, sizes, and custom colors, corrugated metal panels are quickly becoming the fence material of choice in demanding commercial, business, and industrial applications.

CBS Sheet Metal makes it easy for you to find the metal panels that you need in the color that you want! We are able to provide panels that are sized to the specific size of your existing posts. We can also suggest spacing options depending on the panel that you choose. Here at CBS, we offer a plethora of colors to be applied to one side of your metal panels. Don’t see a color you’re looking for on our site? No worries, we offer color customization with one of our trained professionals upon request!


Commercial Applications for Corrugated Metal Fence Products

Metal siding panels offer a variety of benefits in industrial and business applications. They are fire, mold, and warp-resistant, and they can withstand challenging weather conditions.

Corrugated metal siding also works as a highly effective security barrier as it is exceptionally difficult to climb and impossible to see through, making it popular in applications where security is a concern. And because it comes in panels, if a section of metal fencing is damaged it can be easily replaced at minimal cost.


Cutting-Edge Design Meets Real World Practicality

Corrugated metal siding has quickly become the product of choice among landscape architects, designers, and builders who are seeking a striking, long-lasting fence product that delivers exceptional value and performance.

Easy to build and simple to maintain, fences made with corrugated metal are strong, stylish, and timeless. The metal siding panels can be installed quickly without any specialized equipment, and they last significantly longer than comparable vinyl, wood, or plastic wood materials.

And because galvanized steel is an environmentally-friendly, recyclable material, it’s suitable for use in designs that are focused on sustainability.


Corrugated Metal Fencing for Agricultural Applications

Metal siding panels are ideal for use as windbreaks to protect livestock against weather-related illness during cold months and calving season, helping to reduce animal health costs while reducing herd mortality rates. Unlike livestock fencing that is made of wood, metal panel fences are highly resistant to damage caused by cattle rubbing against the fencing – this means a better ROI for ranchers and cow-calf operators.

Metal siding panels also make for an effective fencing solution for smaller animals such as sheep and poultry that are vulnerable to attacks from predatory wildlife. Because corrugated metal fence can be installed flush with the ground, it serves as an excellent barrier against coyotes and other predators that are known to prey on livestock.

These panels can also work to minimize snow build-up against buildings, around immature trees, and in areas where blowing snow can make day-to-day ag operations a challenge, such as near greenhouse furnace vents and access doors.

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